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My name is Samir Saltaga, and I'm born in Bosnia in 1967. Because of War in Bosnia, I moved in USA in 1995. Stamp collecting is my hobby last 20 years. On this Site my part will be to answer all your questions and help you find for your collections stamps from Bosnia and former Yugoslavia.

Please feel free to E-mail me, and I promise-I'll do my best to answer your questions.

Here you will find indexes of the stamps by the year of issue, issued by JP PTT BiH ( National Postal Office of Bosnia and Hercegovina).

Note: Currency revalued, 10000 old BiH dinars equal one " new " Bosnian dinar = 100 para. The exchange rate is 100 Bosnian Dinar for 1 DEM, according to the exchange list issued in Bosnian daily " Oslobodjenje " from the 4th November 1997.
  • 1993 This is the only one issued in this year.

    • Coat of Arms (1-7)   (Face value) 100-50000  ( perf.)-imperf.

  • 1994 Two series from this year:

    • 10th Ann. Sarajevo Olympic Games (8)  (Face value) 50000  (perf.)-imperf.
    • Souvenir sheet BL.1 (9-10)   (Face value) 100000-200000  (perf.)-impef

  • 1995 Index available here

  • 1996 Index available here

You can contact me on:

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